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Manila Theological College was founded by a Missionary who was sent here in the Philippines by the Reformed Presbyterian.
Missionary Rev. Paulino C. Choi Ph.D, had undergone a long and ardent missionary journey and hard work for almost four years before he finally founded the Manila Theological College. He had conferred with the Commission On Higher Education for the college permission and recognition which were readily granted. In other words, the Manila Theological College was recognized by the Philippines government.
Rev. Paulino C. Choi Ph.D., is an energetic missionary. He has great vision for the Gospel Ministry in Manila and the surrounding provinces.
On Sept. 02, 1987, he organized the Messiah Evangelical Mission and registered it with the Securities & Exchange Commission. In the same year he put up the United Asian Missionary to provide Theological Training for Christian workers.
On June 13, 1988, Rev. Paulino C. Choi Ph.D., negotiated with the Department of Education Culture & Sports for the United Asian Missionary to be renamed United Asian Theological College. The move was endorsed by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports.
In 1989, the college was in the campus of the University of the Philippines in Losbanos, where the session studies of theological students of church workers from Manila and nearby provinces were conducted.
A year later, 1990, a school building was built for the college in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. In this building it continued its operation.
On August 4, 1991, the college was renamed Manila Theological College, and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Department of Education, Culture and Sports endorsed the College’s new name. The Manila Theological College offered Bible training course and Korean Language for free, using the compound of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Manila for its class sessions. The entire ministry was done by Rev. Choi & his family.
On October 5, 1992, Manila Theological College moved to the Communication Foundation for Asia building, occupying the entire fourth floor for its operation.
The following year 1993-1994, was great stride for the college. It began to offered courses in Bachelor of Science in Theology and Master of Arts in Theology. In its first semester, it had twenty five students and on its second semester, it became forty students. Since the college was permitted and recognized by the Commission on Higher Education and, therefore, was recognized by the government, students from evangelical circles were very much attracted to it, and the enrollment had increased in the first semester of the school year 1994-1995.

The Manila Theological College has expanded its course offering in the College and Graduate School with proper recognition by the Commission on Higher Education.

The additional courses were opened cognizant of the mission-vision beneficial to people in line with service and discipleship.
On July, 2013, Manila Theological College built a 10 story building with basement. The basement has good space for parking area can accommodate for about 100 cars. We also have botanical garden at the side of the building. On the 1st floor, there is fully equipped air-conditioned chapel room. We have lobby for the visitors and canteen which is self-service. On the 2nd Floor, several offices are located such as president’s office, registrar office, SLSHS faculty, Missionary of the Philippines office. On the 3rd floor, SLSHS classrooms, SLSHS library, AVR, Clinic, dental clinic and TLE room are located exclusively for the high school students. On the 4th floor, the college departments are located included the following several classrooms, MTC faculty, Graduate school office and dean of theology’s office. On the 5th floor, the centralized level of library with personal studying tables and rest room and cyber room for the research. Sixth and seventh floor is for medicine laboratories fully equipped brand new tool according to its subjects, classrooms, faculty for the medicine, conference room, researching room and dean’s offices. On the 8th floor, guest rooms are located with dining room for lounge purpose especially if the guests cannot afford for hotel fee. On the 9th and 10th floors is gym. All the facilities and equipments for volleyball, basketball, table tennis, aerobics and C.A.T are possessed for pleasant school activities.
On December, 2014, Young Rac Science High School changed the school name to St. Lino Science High School. The Faculty members of SLSHS are highly educated graduates from prestigious universities with masters. The best thing in this institution it is equipped with CCTV 24/7 and WIFI and fully air-conditioned classrooms.
This coming school year, our college of medicine will be open soon.
On February, 29, 2016, MTC-College of Medicine get permission from the Philippines