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A student who has finished Grade 7 (under the high school curriculum) outside of the SLSHS System may be allowed admission/entry to the SLSHS, provided s/he fulfills the following requirements:

A Filipino citizen with no pending application as immigrant in any foreign country;
Belongs to the upper 5% of his/her class or should have a grade of 85% and above in all subjects;
Should have a character rating of at least Very Satisfactory (VS) or its equivalent;
And must pass the qualifying examination in each of the following three (3) subjects : Mathematics, Science, English
The applicant must submit the following on or before School starts. an accomplished application form which includes certification from parents of no pending application for immigration in any foreign country (see Annex A);
certification from the present school enrolled in, regarding academic grades and character rating (see Annex B);
a photocopy of the student's report card, with the original copy brought along for verification purposes;

 Twelve (12) recent 1x1, 2x2 pictures

 Form 137 and 138

 Good Moral Character

 Honorable Dismissal (For Transferees)

 Application Form SLSHS

 Memorandum of Agreement

 Birth Certificate

 Health Certificate

 Pastor/Priest Recommendation Letter

 Barangay Cleareance

 ACR/CRT/Passport Copy (Foreigner)

School offers entrance exam every Friday 8 a.m to 5 p.m and Exam cost is three hundred (300.00) pesos only.