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“Where there is a will there is a way.”
MTC has the newest and advanced facilities in the country.
MTC was established by missionary for the Philippines.
MTC was able to produce so effective and valuable person in the world.
MTC has uncountable number of accredited programs.
MTC has best faculty members in the Philippines.
MTC has no tuition fee, free education.
MTC has partnerships with ATESEA, PCEC, PBATS etc.
MTC is the largest Christian College in the Philppines.
MTC is the most highest building in the Philippines.
MTC was named by the NMAT as the highsted performing school
MTC Library is one of the advanced libraries in Philippines.
MTC is fully air conditioned in all rooms (100%)
MTC has well trained guards and cctv in all area for perfect protection.
MTC has partnership with other countries.
MTC is located on accessible area in manila.
MTC was recognized by CHED about the dissertation and thesis.
SLSHS has special science curriculum.
SLSHS offers special languages (Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Chinese) for free.
SLSHS is using advanced media items.
SLSHS is a Christian Private School
SLSHS is using the biotechnological chairs and desks
SLSHS has no tuition fee, only miscellaneous fee only.
SLSHS graduates can study at college as a scholarship students.
SLSHS teachers are fully licensed teachers with masteral degrees.
SLSHS gives many chances to get the special experiences
SLSHS is using English only in the class.
SLSHS has 4 elevators.
SLSHS is still developing now with you!
SLSHS has international relationship in school life.