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National Heroes Day
TERRY 2015.08.25

National Heroes Day in the Philippines is a national public holiday to honour and remember the country’s National heroes. These heroes are the men and women in Philippine history whose acts of courage enabled the Philippines to grow as a nation. Whilst National Heroes Day celebrates both known and unknown heroes, a National Heroes Committee was set up in 1995 to recommend those who should be counted as ‘National Heroes’. Following certain criteria, they found a select group of people who, they believed, should be honoured for their deeds.


These were: Jose Rizal Andres Bonifacio Emilio Aguinaldo Apolinario Mabini Marcelo H. del Pilar Sultan Dipatuan Kudarat Juan Luna Melchora Aquino Gabriela Silang Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio were two of the main proponents against Spanish rule. 


As a result, both were given their own special days commemorating their lives and deeds.